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General Information


The Amateur Tgirls Blog is a showcase for user submitted content that is within the genre of Amateur TS/TV/CD adult content.

Members of the Amateur Tgirls Blog will have access to videos and images of amateur tgirls submitted by blog viewers/members. The blog is especially intended to showcase unusual and non-generic tgirls from all over the world. You will find content featuring tgirls from nearly every continent on earth.



Information on how to become a member can be found HERE.


 Membership Levels

The blog is broken into two membership levels, Level 1 and Level 2. When you first join the blog, you are a level 1 member. If you maintain your membership for longer than one month, you will automatically be upgraded to level 2 status, which provides several benefits. However, Level 1 members are given access to all content publicly previewed on the blog. Once you are a level 1 member, you will be able to preview archived content and posts in Que, but video links are restricted to Level 2 members.