Gorgeous European Tgirl Jerks & Cums

 One of our lovely regular contributors gave me this clip several months ago. It has been posted in the archive section of the blog for a while now but finally it has made it's way to the public section of the blog and I think everyone will enjoy it. The gurl featured might be German, but I do not know that for sure. What is for sure is that she is EXTREMELY cute.

She is one of these rare tgirls who fall into the "Trap" category thanks to natural passable features. That is of course except for her huge ball sack which overflows out of her thong profusely. Her face is not only cute but also very unique and unusual looking. It is fairly obvious she is not from the very common South American pool of tgirls who often have Caucasian features that could possibly mislead you into thinking they were European. I am thinking that she might be German only because she looks similar to a German tgirl who I saw several years back, but I could certainly be mistaken. Whatever her country origin it did a fine job of producing a gorgeous tgirl.





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