Blue-Eyed Gurl Eats Her Own Cum

This cute-as-a-button blue eyed tgirl was first brought to my attention several months ago when she was submitted by a member. Unfortunately I have not seen or heard of anything new from her since.  This post include two clips with the total length being over an hour long.

She flashes her perky A-cups (which have the most beautiful pink nipples you will ever seen) plenty of times throughout the clip. There are also some great cock shots and some nice spread shots. For most of the video she is soft but towards the very end she does get hard and eventually positions a piece of transparent plastic over her cam while she jerks off. After a few minutes of jerking she cums on the piece of plastic, it is some nice homemade cinematography on her part. 🙂 She then proceeds to lick her cum off the plastic, like any good gurl will do. VERY hot clip, obviously....




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